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Will Barker

Will Baker

Artist Bio:

Will is a visual artist specializing in spray paint murals and oil based fine art with a focus on contemporary western themes and landscapes to deliver work that is both visually inspiring and engaging of the community. Based in Denver, Will’s mural work can be seen all over the city and across Colorado as well as Chicago, Reno, and Los Angeles. He is former NFL offensive lineman who retired from the game to pursue and explore his passion for art.

Theme description:

For the theme “We come in peace” my plan is to illustrate a cowboy being elevated upwards through a green beam coming from the top of the wall. The green represents the tractor beam coming from an unseen ufo. Within that beam of light would be a cartoonish illustration of all things that represent the Fraser valley. Outside of the beam in the background would be a more traditional style paintings of surrounding mountains including winter park. I spend a lot of time in Fraser area and think I can really bring a fun mural to the festival.

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