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2020 Fraser Mountain Mural Festival Walk – August 7 & 8, 2020!

The 2020 Fraser Mountain Mural Walk is presented by the Town of Fraser and the Fraser Public Arts Committee (Fraser PAC). August  7 & 8, 2020, artists will compete for awards and recognition, by producing their best work on 8ft x 8ft primed panels.

The Fraser Mountain Mural Walk is a platform for local, front range and national artists to compete for cash prizes as well as generating creative energy and raising awareness for The Fraser Center for Creative Arts.

This year’s themes continue to celebrate the Fraser Valley with Local History, Local Preservation, Transportation and Outdoor Life.

2020 Artist line-up

(in no particular order)

Hector Palacios 
(Denver, CO)

Tessa Fuqua
(Denver, CO)

Echo Zoyiopoulos &
Michelle Mitchell
(Fraser, CO)

Monica McFarlin
(Granby, CO)

Cori Anderson
(Winter Park, CO)

Clinton Reynolds
(Denver, CO)

Jason T. Graves &
Remington Robinson
(Boulder, CO)

Ryan Sasso &
Christina Senac
(Winter Park, CO)

Sean & Ana Yarbrough 
(Fraser, CO)

AIko / Corinne Szymczak / Trujillo
(Denver, CO)

Eagle Flame
(Denver, CO)

Philip Newsom
(Evergreen, CO)

Eric Weatherford
(Decatur, Illinois)

Jim Salazar
(Abilene, Texas)

Uc Sepia
(Denver, CO)

Robert Carbajal
(Denver, CO)

Phyllis Anderson
(Winter Park, CO)

Trisha Bellefeuille
(Hot Sulphur Springs)

The Designosaur
(Denver, CO)

Walter Macias
(Denver, CO)

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