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Commission Grand Prize Winner

Alex Eickhoff

Kansas City, MO

People’s Choice Awards

Participating Artist’s Choice Award

Charly Malpass

Truckee, CA

Honorable Mentions

In no particular order (click to view bios)

Beth Warmath

Clearwater, FL

Alicia Keyser

Denver, CO

Echo Zoyiopoulos

Fraser, CO

Brett Hartsfield

Versailles, KY

Dominique Montano

Fort Collins, CO

Edie Dafoe

Grand Lake, CO

Helena Martin

Austin, TX

Janice Polzin

Roberts, MT

Jessica McMillan

Denver, CO

Julia Ben-Asher

Steamboat Springs, CO

Justin Brown

Indianapolis, IN

Kimberly Burnett

Milwaukee, WI

kimberly Barneet

Lisa Baird

Fraser, CO

Mackenzie Foote

Kremmling, CO

Eric Weatherford

Decatur, Illinois

Mr. Hanimal

Denver, CO

Omar Chow

Denver, CO

Ryan Sasso

Winter Park, CO

Simone White

Steamboat Springs, CO

Tessa Fuqua

Denver, CO

Tom Ward

Denver, CO

vower one

Denver, CO


Denver, CO

Sam Weinberger

Boston, MA

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