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Fraser Mountain Mural Festival Contest Rules

Contest Rules

1) Application and Art must be approved by Fraser PAC (Public Arts Committee).

2) Submission is free. $25 entry fee due for artists that are selected. Selected artists will receive a $500 stipend upon check-in.

3) Must bring own supplies (Primed panels provided by Fraser PAC). Please be prepared for the weather–a vendor tent is STRONGLY recommended.

4) Each Artist must sign in at Check-in before any work begins on Thursday, 3 PM -5 PM. or Friday before 8 AM.

5) Painting times 9 AM – 6 PM Friday and 9 AM – 6 PM Saturday. All painting must be completed by Sat 8/8 at 6 PM.

6) Paint 8ft x 8ft primed wall. Mural Must be painted to edges of primed panel.

7) No projectors or painting during off hours. Stencils OK.


1st place $2,500
2nd place $1,300
3rd place $1,000

The Fraser PAC does encourage artist to do themed work.

Fraser Valley History
Local Preservation
Outdoor Life

No profanity or nudity on murals allowed. Please submit a concept and/or sketch.

9) Fraser PAC will list lodging options on our website but Artist is responsible for lodging.

10) Must be present to win.


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