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Fraser Mountain Mural Festival Contest Rules

Contest Rules

1) Application and Art must be approved by Fraser PAC (Public Arts Committee).

2) Submission is free. $25 entry fee due for artists that are selected.

3) Must bring own supplies (Primed panels provided by Fraser PAC). Please be prepared for the weather–a vendor tent is recommended.

4) Each Artist must sign in at Check-in before any work begins on Thursday, 3 PM -5 PM. or Friday before 8 AM.

5) Painting times 9 AM – 6 PM Friday and 9 AM – 6 PM Saturday. All painting must be completed by sat 7/27 at 6 PM.

6) Paint 8ft x 8ft primed wall. Mual Must be painted to edges of primed panel.

7) No projectors or painting during off hours. Stencils OK.

8) To be eligible for THEMED awards

Must Include any one or all of the following:

Fraser Valley History
Local Preservation
Outdoor Life

The Fraser PAC does encourage artist for themed work.

Three cash awards to be paid out
1st place $2,500
2nd place $1,300
3rd place $1,000

Another way to Win – People’s choice award
Most votes $2,500 (artist can win in both categories)
No profanity or nudity on murals allowed. Please submit a concept and/or sketch.

9) Fraser PAC will list lodging options on our website but Artist is responsible for lodging.

10) Must be present to win.


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