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Tim Nijenhuis


Hi, I am a professional full time mural painter, located in Ontario, Canada, originally from the Netherlands. I have created public art works all over North America and Europe. Over the past two and half decades, I have collaborated with local agencies, businesses, committees, and government representatives creating public murals.

I pride myself in being able to create works of art, and successfully respond to the surrounding community’s visions and ideas. A great source of inspiration is to get to know the people in the community, and to do historic research of each unique locale. The driving philosophy behind the art I create is that it becomes a force for good within a community. I approach each project with an open mind, a listening ear to the community, and with a constant challenge to build on previous creative experience. I strive to produce public art that brings people together from all walks of life, that inspires people with all unique backgrounds, and that promotes a shared pride within the community.

Theme Description:

Animals and nature were here long before we arrived and will be here long after! Respecting nature and looking at it with awe and respect is a core theme of my art!.

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