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Taylor Brant

Taylor Brant

Artist Bio:

Hello! My name is Taylor Brant and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors and art began to accompany that. I used to draw all the coolest sticks, rocks, and leaves I would find. Now, as a Rocky Mountain National Park Education Ranger, I love to paint my surroundings and help others enjoy nature through outdoor art experiences.

Theme description:

The theme “We come in peace” resonated with me and my experience first moving to Fraser. Right after college I knew I wanted to live in the Colorado Rockies, and the opportunity to move to Fraser presented itself. I was scared to be out on my own in a new place but this community was welcoming and made me feel at home in an instant. When I see Byers peak I remember that wonderful summer, hiking with new friends, identifying wildflowers and painting. I hope that many others are able to experience the friendliness and beauty Fraser has to offer.


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