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Ronald Del CID

Artist Bio:

Hello my name is Ronald Del Cid, I am from Los Angeles Ca. I’ve always been an artist, since I was young I would draw comic characters, later as a teen I began doing graffiti art, learned how to airbrush, took on some murals and been doing it all since. Being able to paint, that feeling of seeing my art on that building, or that surface, is what I guess people feel when they see that trophy hanging on their shelf or that certificate framed. It’s a reminder of where I come from, my connection to the world, the way I’ve been able to heal, and the way I’ve been able to tell my story.

Theme Description:

The lion represents the human spirit, strong and fierce, bold, ready to protect itself.
As it is being transformed from society, the abstraction shows its different shapes and dimensions it takes form as, but the lion stays bold and transforms into beauty.


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