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Ramon Trujillo

Arvada, CO

Artist Bio:

Earning his Bachelors in Fine Arts in May of 2019, Ramon Trujillo is a seasoned professional at his craft. He focuses on the process of making art and the experience of experimentation with both traditional and non-traditions tools and materials. Experimenting and exploring has allowed for much growth and insight in himself as an artist. You can see his work cross many mediums including digital media but often in painting and growing as a muralist. Ramon has a unique creativity to his works with a vibrancy and brings the viewer curiosity and wonder. His works can be seen from public locations around the Denver area and is often exhibiting new bodies of work at pop up shows and galleries throughout the year. With school in the past Ramon is now focused on larger bodies of work and jobs around the United States.

Theme Description:

My theme will revolve around growth and decay or birth and death intertwined



Instagram: @ramjillio

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