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Patrick Maxcy

Artists Bio:

Patrick Maxcy is a painter, muralist, adventurer and humanitarian.

Patrick was born and raised in Florida, where the ocean became a source of inspiration for his art work. Drawing from his personal experiences and the places he has traveled to, Patrick highlights nature as a prominent force in the stories he tells in his paintings. Patrick studied painting at Florida School of the Arts and Florida Atlantic University. While at FAU he also received his teaching certificate and upon graduating began teaching high school art classes.

In addition to painting, Patrick has become known for his humanitarian work.He’s partnered with non-profit organizations to help communities fight economic instability and poverty in North America, South America and Africa. Humanitarian work has provided Patrick with the opportunity to share joy through his art. In Jinja, Uganda Patrick painted five murals at schools and other buildings. He has also been painting murals in Nicaragua for 11 years. Patrick has also used his talents as a painter to raise money for scholarships, cancer patients and ocean conservation. In 2016, Patrick was chosen as the Guest Artist of the Year for the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. That year he was also nominated for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, an international humanitarian award.

In 2018, Patrick completed a month-long artist residency in Homer, Alaska with Cook Inletkeeper. Several of Patrick’s marine-life murals can now be seen throughout the town. In the same year Patrick’s mural in historic downtown Littleton, Colorado was voted as the best public art display. Patrick has done projects for many organizations and companies such as RedBull, Ocearch, Pangeaseed and Nike. Patrick’s work has been featured in publications such as Relevant, Scientific American and World Artist Network. When Patrick isn’t traveling he can be found working at his studio in the mountains of Colorado, where he currently resides.

Nature, animals and design elements are themes that my drawings, paintings and murals focus on. My work sparks conversation on disappearing nature and the encroachment of the modern world with subjects and their surroundings depicted in a harmony and balance that they wouldn’t normally interact with. Travel and personal experiences drive the imagery used to tell specific stories in my work. I weave rich surreal elements and high detail-intensive components to create a unique viewing experience.

Theme Description:

Through the past year of the pandemic we’ve been isolated and longing for connection with each other again soon. Community is key in a positive life together. I would love to paint a large coffee mug where various animals and creatures from all walks of life, gather once again, to join each other in conversation and joy. The piece itself would bring new unique conversation, storytelling and imagination to all ages.

Bold graphic plant like design will fill the background. Full rendered animals will be on the coffee mug. My work uses a lot of bright colors to make the image pop.


Instagram: @patrickmaxcy

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