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Milt Coronado

Milt Coronado


Milton Coronado is a well-recognized community leader, teacher, minister, public speaker, and impactful versatile artist.


Also known as Milt1, Milton was born and currently lives in the city of Chicago. He holds a BFA in illustration, and he also studied education, and theology. Milton has received numerous awards for his community leadership and artistic contributions, including teacher of the year. Most recently a holiday has been declared in the city of Chicago as “Milton Coronado Day.”

Today he continues to inspire others teaching about the powerful influence of art to all type of diverse communities across many borders. Primarily in urban areas. In doing so he is giving hope, transforming lives, and beautifying rural and urban landscapes through profound colorful murals.

For more information on Milton Coronado, his artwork and his unbelievable personal story of inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram @milt1coronado. You can also watch his autobiographical documentary on Amazon Prime called, “Coronado, Tagged For Life”.

Instagram: @milt1coronado

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