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Mack Maschmeier


Mack is a graphic designer, illustrator, outdoor enthusiast, and mural artist. He has worked primarily in the outdoor retail industry as a designer and finds inspiration in animals, the natural world, and the mechanics (organic and manmade) used to move through and explore our planet as an artist. Early in his career, Mack worked at small-town newspapers around Colorado designing ads and also drawing editorial cartoons which is still stylistically present in his line work, characters, and landscapes. Some of his biggest inspirations as an illustrator are Bill Watterson and Theodor Seuss Geisel. Mack is originally from the Omaha, NE area and got his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Morningside College (2009) in Sioux City, IA. He currently resides in Lafayette, CO.

Theme Description:

One of my favorite activities is to ride bikes to breweries with a group of friends. Exploring a new neighborhood or landscape by bike is the best method in my opinion. The speed at which you can see and peacefully interact with the world, with your fellow riders is so enjoyable, and your bike is a form of self expression as well. Inspired by the “We come in peace” theme this year and Fraser’s “Leaving Planet Earth” legacy I wanted to show a group a friends cruising around in a similar fashion, exploring an implied extraterrestrial landscape, and instead of bikes… quirky little spacecrafts.


Instagram: @mackmasch

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