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Kate Fitzpatrick


I am a painter and muralist based in Broomfield, Colorado. I am endlessly fascinated by the animals, plants, and insects with which we share this earth. Elephants grieve, worms feel love, wolves get jealous, and turtle tears nourish dehydrated butterflies. My artwork is an expression of these stories. I use bold colors and expressive brush strokes to capture the energy of the animals I paint. My hope is that my work helps humans consider their place in the world differently and to show greater respect, empathy, and love towards the animals we share this planet with.

Theme Description:

My mural concept for this year’s Fraser Mountain Mural Festival is inspired by the theme, “We Come In Peace.” In this scene, a swan sits on a lake and peeks its head underwater, only to see another universe filled with stars and other, different swans. In this take, the swan on the lake is the interloper, the “alien” who must come in peace. This serves as a reminder that we all are responsible for being the ones to bring peace.

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