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Jwlç Mendoza

Artists Bio:

Julio Mendoza or Jwlç (pronounced like “Jewels”) as he is artistically and affectionately known, is a Denver-based International Artist and Muralist whose style is defined greatly by his Mexican Heritage and Latino culture. It is of utmost importance to him to incorporate his roots. Julio Mendoza was born in El Paso, Texas , and was raised in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico until he was 11 years old. At the age of 11, his family moved to Denver, Colorado. He has spent the majority of his years living in the Westwood area of Denver since then. It was in his neighborhood of Westwood, where he painted his first mural. Julio feels a tremendous sense of gratitude toward his roots in Westwood and has grown artistically thanks to the support of the community there. Julio discovered his love of visual art in elementary school where he was inspired by the art forms of anime and graffiti. He was inspired to enroll in art classes throughout his middle school and high school careers. Through those classes, Julio’s interest in art grew but he didn’t see himself as “an Artist”, but as someone with a hobby. When Julio began his college career at The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, he began as an Arts Major, but feeling discouraged by those who said “art would be a difficult career choice”, he ended up choosing a different major, which felt to him like the safer choice. After graduating, Julio pursued his career in for 3 years. But Julio knew his life was missing something and he knew that was his passion for art. That was when Julio made the decision to pursue his passion and dream to be an artist full time.

Theme Description

Resiliency of the human spirit:
With this I want to represent a self portrait of how during this difficult times of this pandemic my human (Artistic) spirit helped me overcome this hard times. This image shows me as a human, it show my heart and my artistic spirit around me all together as one power.


Instagram: @jwlc_art

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