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Justin Brown

Indianapolis IN

Justin Brown (b. 1988)

Justin Brown is a multidisciplinary artist and curator from Indianapolis, IN. He is the founder and director of Hoy Polloy art gallery located at 3125 e. 10th street, Indianapolis, IN.

Justin’s work is research based; ranging from public- private experiments, to government and corporate surveillance programs to archival photographs. Justin paints with data and paper. His series “Intelligence Countered” highlights FBI surveillance files of persons of interest from the Rabble Rouser Index, Cointelpro, and modern intelligence operations. He collages casework and redacts the papers further with abstract painting techniques to draw the viewers eye to the text. Justin’s “Cubist Maps” series is centered around the historic development of neighborhoods, cities, and interstate infrastructures. He collages archive images of landmarks and residents in geometric “maps” to honor a regions history. Justin has installed permanent murals in Milktooth, Rabble Coffee, and Beholder in Indianapolis. His work has been exhibited at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Big Car’s Listen Hear, and Hoy Polloy.

Art-a force of nature. Earth, wind, water and fire: the elements that challenge our senses resonates with me because my “Cubist Map” series honors localities from their inception. The pioneering settlement of an area, especially in a mountainous region, challenged by the seasonal elements, without modern conveniences of electrical lines and modern machinery moves me.


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