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Julia Ben-Asher

Steamboat Springs, CO

Julia Ben-Asher

Julia Ben-Asher is an artist, writer and educator originally from New Jersey and currently based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she is continually inspired and energized by the natural world. Julia’s art is mainly in pen and ink, but she also loves mural painting, watercolor and wood burning. She loves to draw best along a hike, on a ski, around a campfire or in a hammock. Through her art, which features mountain landscapes, wildlife, and adventuring humans, Julia aims to convey the feeling of being in awe of nature, and to encourage us all to further appreciate and care for this magical planet we call home.

When Julia is not making art or on an adventure, she’s training to be an elementary school counselor and clinical mental health counselor.

My interpretation of this year’s theme “We come in peace” is an evolution of my mural for the 2021 Fraser Mountain Mural Fest, which at the time was my largest mural painted, and showed lots of adventuring humans sending light and love across the mountains to each other by way of shaping shadows, moonlight, campfire light, and headlamp light. I still love the concept, but since then have learned so much about mural painting that I want to do another, more mature and better version of it for this year’s festival.


Instagram: @juliabenasher

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