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Gus Reynolds


Gus Reynolds is a visual artist operating out of Denver, Colorado. Gus takes inspiration from the natural landscapes where he grew up and often seeks opportunities to promote deeper thought and change through his artworks. His attention to detail is visible through a variety of prints, murals, and illustrations. His work largely exists locally but can be found nation-wide in both private collections and commercial offerings.

Gus currently splits his time between freelance art and running the Glacier Rescue Project: a Colorado-based nonprofit he founded that uses art and creativity to drive environmental action.

Theme Description:

This illustration was created to highlight some of my favorite aspects of the Fraser Valley, while also poking fun at Fraser’s legacy of “Leaving Planet Earth”. Shown is a skier’s hand holding a ski pole and throwing up a “peace” sign. Poking out of the ripped leather gloves are green alien fingers. In the background is a mountain scene, which represents my favorite part of Fraser and the Fraser Valley. Behind the mountains are UFOs with green beams coming down. This design was an attempt to find a balance between a silly, fun design that also is relatable to the amazing local community who also love the scenery and skiing opportunities in the area. I was fortunate enough to live and work in Fraser last year and it changed my life. I will forever have a place in my heart for Fraser and the community there.


Instagram: @pgreynolds

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