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Felipe Franco


Industrial designer graduated from the best art school in Colombia U.N.A.L
With emphasis in illustration and concept design, 5 years of experience in art department for different audiovisual productions and more than 10 years of experience in fine arts: mural, airbrush, acrylic, oil, spray paint, sketching and tattoo

Theme Description:

Chaski is a quechua word originally from my roots back in South America that means “traveler who carry a message”.

Ever since I started with Chaski art project I’ve been traveling all around the world spreading a message of peace and self consciousness.

the same way art is therapeutic for me, I feel it also helps the communities or the spaces that we transform, that’s why hands working, helping each other or meditating is the main subject in my artwork. Healing hands that try to bring peace to the people who look at them.

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