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Daisy Hall


I am currently in Batesville, Arkansas where I went to Lyon College and graduated with a Bachelors in Arts in 2022. However, I grew up in Colorado and love to go back every chance I get. I have always been artistic, but I did not start pursuing it seriously until college. I was hesitant to major in art, but after some convincing from a great professor I finally made the jump. I double majored in math and art — intending to become an architect — but I took a murals class and quickly found my passion. The community of Batesville, AR has been so supportive that I started my business Daisy Hall’s Walls after graduation, and it has been growing ever since.

I live in Arkansas which is known as “The Natural State”. In my free time I love hiking, kayaking, camping, etc. It is a beautiful experience to sit back and become inspired with interactions in nature. In my design, I incorporated different natural elements and oriented them in a way showing how they all work together.

Instagram: @daisyhallswalls

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