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Chelsea Day

Artists Bio:

Hello! My name is Chelsea, I grew up in Texas but have been living in the Fraser Valley for the last 5 years. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and haven’t stopped since. I love to draw what I see in nature and am often inspired by life & death contrasts, which is why much of my art contains bones and flowers. I also had back surgery a few years ago and have had back issues most of my life, so you will find a lot of spines incorporated into my work. I find that art and nature have been an integral part of my own healing process, and I hope to share that process with others to aid in their own healing. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, I hope you enjoy the festival!

Theme description:

I have chosen to model my mural with the theme of resilience. I will be incorporating aspects of nature that go through phases of growth as well as things that form under pressure. We have all been through so much this year, and I wanted to display things that have beautiful outcomes despite hard and rough growth processes: crystals, butterflies, mushrooms, moon phases, etc.




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