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Caroline Kaestner

Artists Bio:

Adopted from Syktyvkar, Russia as a child by her supportive and loving parents, Caroline grew up in Houston, Texas along with her two brothers and younger sister. Exploration of the outdoors was a regular family activity and allowed Caroline to develop a love for exploring God’s creation. Caroline spent many summers and winters with her family traveling to Grand County, Colorado and it quickly became her dream to live in the mountains.

Graduating Cum Laude in 2019 from the University of North Texas, with a Bachelors degree in fine arts and professional photography, Caroline fulfilled that dream and moved to Fraser, Colorado. Inspired by the never ending beauty of the mountains she begin crafting her style in fine art and painting pieces that reflect her emotions and awe with her surroundings. When she is not painting, Caroline is managing her photography business, ~ Ksenia K Photography ~ and is busy photographing couples, families and weddings.

Between these two artistic pursuits Caroline is able to live out the dream she had as a child, being true to herself and what she loves, art and nature

Theme description:

The past year has been a nightmare on mountain communities and small town business. Yet our Grand County community remains beautiful, supportive and resilient through all of the hardships. Personally I took a huge hit on my small business and for a while I was not able to see a resolution or any sign of bouncing back. Yet with the support of those around me my spirit was not changed it was encouraged to grow and continue to be resilient.

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