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Cami Galofre


Cami Galofre is a Colombian contemporary visual artist based in Denver, CO.

Galofre grew up Quito, Ecuador surrounded by beautiful Andean habitats and then spent her undergraduate years exploring American West where she fell in love with the landscape. She holds a BA in Studio Art and Environmental Science from Colorado College (2013) and a MFA from Arizona State University (2018). With a national and international exhibition record, Galofre is currently lives in Colorado, while teaching at the Community College of Denver, the Denver Art Museum, and el Museo de las Americas.

Theme Description:

I see the landscape as a cultural identifier. There is a spiritual significance, a sense of home, that the places that where once sacred to each of us live on in the form of memory. My experiences of growing up among Latin American landscapes have blended together into a magical realist atmosphere and a flowing sense of color. It’s the urge to explore this liminal space that my work seeks to invoke within those who participate with it. By way of a repertoire of more defined gestures, as a lure into a world of abstraction, I hope to beckon each viewer into a place that, as details fade, something more essential begins to take form – a sense of belonging. I invite viewers to venture off toward their own memories with such suggested places. I would hope for my work to be the kind of experience that sparks an empowering sense of personal identity and a renewed sense empathy for the natural world we all share a role in nurturing at a time more important than ever.


Instagram: @camiglfr

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