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Bobby Lopez


Bobby MaGee Lopez, named after the Janis Joplin hit, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His passion for creativity began at an early age, drawing with his father and painting with his mother. At 12 he attended the Bemis School of Art in Colorado Springs, CO focusing on figurative drawing and calligraphy. While enrolled he started a painting and graphic design business he operated through high school. Upon graduation, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Colorado studying graphic design. He transferred to Metropolitan State University of Denver to complete his BFA in mural painting under Carlos Fresquez.

In 2012 Bobby MaGee opened Innerspace Art Gallery in the River North (RiNo) Art District of Denver, CO. And in 2020 he started The DREAM Lab, a private art gallery and multi-disciplinary artist studio. He currently works and lives in Denver where he operates Paint The World Murals and Om Visual Arts.

Many of his murals and artwork can be found in and around Denver, as well as across the mainland United States and Hawaii. See more of his work online at:

Theme Description:

The Great Architect is a term used to describe a neutral deity, one whose characteristics are universal regardless of belief systems. It describes God as an architect, merging rationalism with spirituality. This entity is the fabricator of the perceptible world. The model infers that human beings share a similar ability to create. And by extension, the human hand is the hand of The Great Architect. The imagery is an ambitious allegory for the creation of physical space. Each set of hands is engaged in a creative ritual informed by cultural traditions. Each pattern is generated using scientific and esoteric theories. By layering architectural concepts with spiritual philosophies, reason and imagination coexist long enough for humans to create with an extraordinary ability. As architects, humans are actively manufacturing doorways into the spiritual realm of pure creation.

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