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Arthur Richmond


Arthur Richmond, or A.R.T. by signature, is a visual artist who is an environmental and social activist. A.R.T., which stands for Always Realize Truth, paints murals and paintings that usually possess an environmental or humanitarian narrative. He uses public art and murals as a form of visual art to reach out to communities in an effort to heal injustices in society and nature as well as be informative through his use of Pop Surrealism. A.R.T.’s murals and public art are found all over the State of Nevada, where he currently resides, and elsewhere in the world.

Theme Description:

The theme this year is “We come in peace” and I want to use some of the local fauna and flora to represent just that, a sense of peace. The idea of “Leaving Planet Earth” brings to mind the notion that the mountain valley is a place out of this world and I’d like to play with that idea in a way that shows Fraser really is a paradise that is literally out of this world. I plan on painting direct connections to the natural environment of Fraser since it is truly the beautiful surrounding mountains and valley that make the area a place of peace. I hope to bring something fun, funky, beautiful and informative to my painting.

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