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Arsenio Baca

Monterey, CA

Artists Bio:

I am Arsenio Baca from Monterey, CA. I have been working as an artist for 12 years and murals are my first love in art. Creating art for the public to enjoy is paramount. It is vital for art to be accessible and to be able to speak to people from all walks of life. It is my mission to use my art to give a voice to my ancestors, my heritage, and to share my story through the experiences I have had in my own journeys and personal interactions.

Theme Description:

his year’s theme speaks volumes to what keeps humanity going through all the chaos that is always all around us. The human spirit has a deep connection with the natural world around us and even in this day and age with the constant distractions of modern technology, the spirit still finds a way to connect with the real world around us, it only takes a moment to slow down and pay attention.


Instagram: @abacaart

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