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Alicia Keyser

Denver, CO

Artists Bio:

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I attended college at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Moved out to Colorado in 2002 and haven’t looked back. Currently living in Denver with my dog, Sakari, where I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Artist. I enjoy hiking, photography, skiing, camping, traveling, concerts, and happy hour with friends.

I’ve been creating in some medium or another ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon, lately I’ve been predominantly working in colored pencil & digital drawings, but I also paint when I want to work a lot bigger. I’ve been trying to push my detailed creations bigger and bigger. My colored pencil drawings are often from photos I’ve taken while hiking and exploring Colorado, nature and landscape, and the medium is really portable, so I can easily sit in the bar, or outdoors and draw. It allows me to relive my favorite hikes and encounters, and allows me to share them with others who might not be able to have the same experiences. Some have the goal of climbing all the 14ers, my personal goal is to draw them all in detail.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been enjoying drawing digital octopuses trying to engage in human hobbies. I was thinking about how we use human intelligence to gauge the intelligence of other creatures, and I am honestly really entertained by the idea of seeing human things from an octopuses point of view.

Theme Description:

The landscape artwork I do especially is very connected to nature and it’s elements, because, well, it portrays nature. In Colorado, we’ve found ways to coexist with the 4 elements by giving them our respect, which allows us to be closer to them. We can enjoy them, or be threatened by them. Visitors from different prospectives might not see our world the same way. An Octopus understands water, but not fire. Perhaps can understand earth, but not wind. It would be a puzzle to put together.


Instagram: @aliciakeyser

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