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Alexandrea Pangburn + Scott Santee


My name is Alexandrea Pangburn and I am a full-time artist currently located in Golden, Colorado. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky; my work has evolved a lot over the past 5 years, but my goal of highlighting animals in a unique and expressive way, has always been the same. My work focuses on the education of conservation for local flora and fauna. My work can be described as contemporary western realism art; with a focus on wildlife. My mediums are acrylic paint on wood panel with my large scale work medium being spray paint.

My name is Scott Santee and I’m a full-time artist based in Golden, Colorado. I am a tattoo artist of 22 years and additionally, a fine artist. I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I started tattooing right after high school which quickly led to an interest in painting and fine art. In the past few years I started developing a relationship with woodworking which has presented a new way to display my work more uniquely than the traditional formats. My work spans many different subject matters – but they are all inspired by; music, pop culture, skate and surf graphics, movies, and story-telling. My subject matter, like Alex’s, tends to include flora and fauna with elements of graphic illustration and surrealism. My mediums include acrylic, gouache, oil and aerosol.

Being a couple has allowed us to be able to collaborate together successfully; with the outcome of art that reflects a combination of realism and graphic work. Our work has been shown in galleries across the nation as well as mural art in multiple states across the US.

Theme Description:

We will be collaborating to bring a combination of both graphic and realism to highlight the local flora and fauna of Fraser, CO.

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