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Trisha Bellefeuille

Artists Bio:

Trisha Bellefeuille is an artist, musician, avid reader, mother of 2 wild boys and wife to her soulmate. She has spent years dabbling in all types of art, music and anything she can get creative with. Being a native of Grand County; Trisha loves always having new inspiration from the colors that surround us in Colorado, to the stories from people she meets. Her love to paint in new ways, pushed her to peruse mural art. She finds painting to be energy to her soul and loves when others can share in the feelings her art provokes. Trisha runs Widow Maker Art Company in Hot Sulphur Springs. It’s still low key, until her boys are in school full time.

Theme Description:

Perspective of Light “
The resilience of human spirit within myself is understanding that the burden(s) I will carry never fully go away, they feed the cycle that teaches me what my inner strength is. In the darkness only can we see the light within.

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