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The Stuck Up Studio …

Denver, CO

Artist Bio:
We’re not really stuck up, just really stuck to our values. Stuck Up is a collaborative effort to push the envelope, raise some eyebrows, and raise some funds for change. Catalyzed by the pandemic, we created Stuck Up with the intent to publish some socially minded art that could help people laugh, connect to an underrepresented experience, and raise funds for local social change groups. Influenced by tattooing styles, we use Digital media, Acrylic Paint, and textiles alongside bright colorful designs that contrast with darker subject matter, to call attention to ignored or underrepresented issues. I,( Makala), am a self taught queer artist from Denver, with a background in social activism. Bird, my business partner and best friend, is a tattooer in the Denver area with a background in Graphic and Web design.

Theme Description:

This years theme resonated with us because Bird and I love camping, hiking, and generally prefer to be outside when we aren’t scheming up new projects. Being in the mountains helps our brains reset, and we’re so excited to create a painting that might communicate that feeling. As an artist, finding a health balance of ego and self-less ness can be difficult. The stark force of nature reminds us that we’re very small, but also that we are a part of something bigger.



Instagram: @Thestuckupstudio

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