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Simone White

Steamboat Springs, CO

Artist Bio:
Simone White is a Colorado based artist aiming to portray the colorful moments in life and to recognize the beauty of her surroundings. Growing up in ski towns in Colorado has given her a rich experience in outdoor exploration. She can be found hiking up Colorado’s 14ers with a paintbrush in one hand and paints in the other. Working with watercolor, acrylics, and India ink is where she feels most comfortable but Simone has experimented with practically every medium. Her art is often bright and colorful, using repetition to create movement. A common theme in her work is black line, added to give subjects contrast and rhythm. Her goal is to inspire those around her to think creatively every day.

Theme Description:

The 2022 theme: a force of nature: Earth, wind, water and fire resonated with me because a central focus of my work is the forces of nature around me and how they interact to create environments. Most of my work is inspired by the great outdoors and the adventures I take. This theme is especially inspiring because of the importance of nature in Colorado. Here we test our sense with the forces of nature. It’s impossible to ignore the great presence and impact of our climate on our communities. It’s what makes Colorado, Colorado.


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