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Simie Alexander

Artists Bio:

Simie is a multi-disciplinary Artist originally hailing from Florida. Having recently graduated in 2020 with a degree in Landscape Architecture from UF she has been pursuing her dreams as a full-time artist ever since. With roots in the festival industry where she performs as a live painter & muralist she is able to travel and share her craft across the country. Keen on experimentation, Simie draws inspirations mostly from nature, mysticism and fantasy. Although adept in a wide range of mediums and pursuits, her concentrations lie mostly with fine arts, graphic design, and product merchandising. She seeks to inspire others through her artwork and remind everyone that magic is still very much present in the world around us.

Theme Description:

Resiliency is a trait that we often take for granted until we’re faced with challenging situations that push our boundaries and force us to hold strong. For many of us the year 2020 into 2021 has been a time where we’ve had to do just that. Most of us have faced challenges maintaining good health, employment, or even being able to spend time & connect with our loved ones. But through it all, resiliency of the human spirit has kept us collectively holding on. Our ability to recover and bounce back from tough situations as human beings is beyond inspirational, and I hope that with this past year in mind we all remember to give ourselves a little bit more credit when it comes to our inner strength.


Instagram: @SimieAlex_Art

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