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Ana & Sean Yarbrough + AJ Wix

Artist Bio:

Ana and Sean Yarbrough met on a blind art date in February of 2015 and have not parted ways since. Their luminous loving relationship was quickly forged from the fires of their creative collaborations. Over the last 6 years, they have explored their love and creativity in many mediums and collaborations, as well as encouraging and supporting one another’s individual creative endeavors. Ana and Sean have called Fraser home for 6 years and dedicate most of their artistry to painting, sculpture, and handcrafted furniture and home decor. See more of their work on their websites: / / /

AJ Wix is the Founder and a Co-Owner of Overlook Tattoo Company in Winter Park. He is a local Fraser Valley tattoo and mural artist of 18 years. Loves to Bob Ross life!

Theme description:

An abstracted jungle with images of dark twisted roots and decay at the bottom, gradually growing into vibrant color, light and living energy toward the top. A diverse range of imagery will be incorporated some representational other abstract.

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