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Sam Weinberger

Boston, MA

Artist Bio:

I am an absurdly tall artist, hence the name Big Sam’s Paints! I received my BFA in painting from Boston University College of Fine Arts and I have been painting murals for the last six years with a home base in Boston. I have a huge passion for public artwork and the energy that color alone can bring to the surrounding street and community. My artwork style is often inspired by pop art, surrealism, realism, and the world in which I live. I love to use bright and saturated color combinations and build up the paintings with a hatch-like mark making style. My artwork is often representational, with abstractness within the lines and speaks to the world in which the artwork lives.

Theme Description:

My design focuses on a visual representation of the four elements and the outdoor activities or physical ‘products’ they produce. For example flowers, fire, firefighters, national park workers, mountains, rafting, fishing, flying, planes, medical heli evac, fish, etc… All embodied (or coming out of) the earth below and in turn space, or the unknown, below that.



Instagram: @bigsamspaints

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