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Ryan Sasso

Winter Park, CO

Artist Bio:

Ryan Sasso is an artist living and working in Winter Park, Colorado. Educated 6 years as an Architect and currently working as a full time tattoo artist in the valley. Ryan also has active accounts producing murals, graphic design work, and commissioned paintings. He is an active member of the community working with Ski Patrol and volunteering his skill with organizations such as ROMP Global, WP Dog Recsue, and Fetch Foundation. His work can be seen around town at Idlewild Distillery, Vertical Bistro, Rudis Deli, Hideaway Park Brewery, Fraser River Beer Co., and Pepe Osaka’s. His style focuses on organic subjects and the juxtaposition of geometric tendencies in nature with a splash of color. Semi-Illustrative, using a wide variety of mediums including pen & ink, spray paint, and acrylics.

Theme Description:

My design focuses on a visual representation of the four elements and the outdoor activities or physical ‘products’ they produce. For example flowers, fire, firefighters, national park workers, mountains, rafting, fishing, flying, planes, medical heli evac, fish, etc… All embodied (or coming out of) the earth below and in turn space, or the unknown, below that.




Instagram: @sassotattoo

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