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Riley Montag

Artists Bio:

I used to be a child living in Washington that doodled instead of paying attention, but now I’ve blossomed into an adult living in Colorado who doodles instead of paying attention. You could argue that this is character growth.

Broadly speaking, art has been the only constant interest and focus for me. I love getting into a project and finding that its suddenly one in the morning. Being so engaged by something you do that you lose time is magic. I haven’t found anything else that I can get so completely lost in, which is probably for the best.

I primarily use watercolours and ink for my paintings, and bronze for my sculpting and jewelry, though I do use some silver as well. The flowing lines of art nouveau, and bold, geometric shapes are of particular interest to me. Thematically, I’m drawn to nature. In bloom or decay, I think there’s something pretty remarkable about the forms it takes in any stage, and I especially like exploring how we fit into that.

I have more clothes that have paint and craft material on them than I do clean clothes, and I intend to keep it that way.

Theme Description:

No man is an island- if the pandemic hasn’t drilled that into our heads, I’m not sure what could. We can all be strong individuals, but our ability to move forward hinges on our ability to do it together. Our resiliency is strongest when we lend one another a hand and work to lift each other up.

Two humans have summited a jagged mountain, and have done so under cloudy skies and rain. Breaking through the clouds, one reaches down, offering support to help the other up- neither one of them could have made it up alone, but by working together they’ve weathered the weather and come out on top.

I am still playing around with finalizing mandala designs and colour schemes,

Instagram: @montag_makes

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