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Omar Chow

Denver, CO

Artist Bio:

Omar Chow is a multicultural modern contemporary artist. Born and raised in Texas, he currently resides in Denver, CO where he fills his time with creative projects & an active lifestyle. He is most recognized for his paintings featuring bold geometric aesthetics fuzed into abstract forms and vivid color schemes. Further building upon the Futurist & Avant Garde movements, he draws inspiration from many scientific fields including physics, astronomy, anthropology, technology, and mathematics. Other primary influences include graffiti, skate/snowboarding, international travel, and the unstoppable takeover of the digital age. Omar is mostly self taught having only taken 1 illustration course, and 1 graphic design course during his time at Austin Community College. His goals as a creator are to captivate the mind and imagination of his viewers in a way that invites them to exercise their perspective, and encourages neuroplasticity(changing and reorganizing the neural networks of the brain).

Theme Description:

Earth, Wind, Water, & Fire being the 4 elements of nature that challenge our senses, also create the physical landscape which we live amongst. Earth is the vessel that contains the source of life, Water. Water flows from mountain tops back to its source, the ocean, carving out rivers and canyons along its way. Wind sweeps across the earth moving trillions of grains of sand that form the dunes and beaches. Fire destroys old growth so that new life can take its place. Nature is a constant dance of creation & destruction. To me, Art is the force of nature that establishes the internal landscape of the human mind. Creating and destroying neural pathways that form our consciousness.


Instagram: @omar_chow

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