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Mohit Knack

New Delhi, India


Mohit Knack is a freelance illustrator and traditional/digital artist living in India. Graduated In visual Communication (BFA) from College of Art, New Delhi in 2021, He creates digital illustrations on his iPad as well as traditional art with oil Color and Gouache to make paintings, He loves to make digital illustrations, wall murals and Plein Air.

Born in Delhi, Mohit discovered his inner passion for painting when he was just 8 years of age. His inner instincts came out as beautiful art creations right from this very young age. His work has been well recognized and he has been conferred with various awards and honours including the Two Presidents Award & many National and International. Holds around 300 other awards.

And he loves to film his artworks and shares the processes of his works, you can watch them on his Instagram and Youtube – mohit knack

The human stands apart from the all other living things, that’s why has given some responsibility to preserve and protect the whole surrounding of nature and has the power to rebuild things again and again and has emotions to understand the living creatures and non-living things, It’s our responsibility to take care the habitat they have built for the world to live happily. As we have seen in the past months how many lives we have lost due to covid also how we fought against it, this is the human thing, how the world became a home with no boundaries everyone was helping each other no boundation of language and culture, just one thing the humanity.



Instagram: @mohitknack

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