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Mackenzie Foote

Kremmling, CO

Hey there,
My name is Mack Foote,
I am one of your local artist living here in Grand County CO. My work is vibrant, colorful, expressive, and a bit surreal.
I moved to the Fraser valley in 2012, to pursue a min wage gig at the resort specializing in the Lifty-arts. Year one I gained a whole ragtag bunch of chosen family- some of the finest and most beautiful misfits to grace this earth, and a desire to call Grand home. A few years and detours later, I married one of those misfits, we share a peaceful home of healing and calm in the hills outside of kremmling, with our three dogs and two cats.

My voice as artist has evolved as my expressive voice as a human being has, and time allowing it will continue to do so. I aim to paint in the same manner that a good song is written. Clapton said a great song has holes in it, not all of the space gets filled with noise. I agree with that sentiment, those empty spaces are where we write in our own experiences. And while the entire canvas gets filled with color, light play is pivotal to the viewers individual experience. Through the lense of others, we can learn to see ourselves more clearly. I Hope to create a space where one can reflect, hopefully creating a scene that can be returned to time and again, a vast space you feel simultaneously inspired and at home in- a reflection of your nature, our nature, our truth, that is my gift, and I am so honored to be able to share in the experience of it all.

As within so without, our world is art, WE are ART, our process, our experience, our expression, truly everything is art, even a speck of dust is art.
The world is in dire need of impeccable truth. We are all an integral piece, each of us, in the expansive web of interwoven existence. We are the force of nature just as much as a tidal wave, just as much as a strong breeze or driving rain, We hold the power in our veins. Our individual receptivity informs perception. Our collective engagement in communication, imperative. Our approach toward exploration of what is and what could be, creates our own unique resonance. My mission is to intimately know my own truth and to breathe it clearly into being by whatever medium possible. It is not my role to tell you how to see. It is my life’s work to honestly convey how I perceive, and allow my truth to resonate or distort as it may, just as it is your duty to do the same. I feel compelled to tell as much of the story of connection as I possibly can convey on canvas as my words are futile, especially pertaining to the tragedy and beauty experienced today and pulling sources of wisdom from our ancestors and elements help to guide us.

“Art — A force of nature. Earth, wind, water and fire: the elements that challenge our senses. Embracing the natural things that help shape the world around us / our environment”


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