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Mack Foote


Mack Foote, a neuro-divergent artist and muralist, resides in the serene landscapes of rural Grand County, Colorado. With a vibrant and surreal perspective, their artwork captures the essence of their unique lens on the world. Mack’s creations are a manifestation of their sensory experiences, reflecting the colorful, expressive, and psychedelic nature of their perception.

Beyond the canvas, Mack’s approach to life aligns with their artistic values. They recognize the responsibility of creating art that resonates and brings solace to others, while equally valuing self-care, joy, and rest. They view their life as an integrated masterpiece, where the act of creating art becomes inseparable from co-creating a fulfilling existence.

To Mack, the process of artistry is a profound act of gratitude and reciprocity—a nurturing and intentional endeavor that reflects the abundance they continually receive.

Theme Description:

I am endeavoring to create this piece on behalf of the divine feminine spirit of our valley. I am speaking of the healers, the ones weaving health and magik into our community with practice, ritual, and dance. Any being who is finding their voice and who is leaning into their power with gentle resilience; those individuals who are seeking to amplify the betterment of self and instill profound beauty into others.
Vilified throughout history, women who have practiced remembering and those who slow to hear the wisdoms of the earth, become misunderstood, feared, and othered to the point of extermination.
“We come in peace; we come to heal, give gratitude, respect, reciprocity, and reverence. “.

This years mural is my homage to those who arrive to this valley and meet very real struggles, decide to dig their heels in, and thrive beyond perceived possibility.
We rise together.


Instagram: @Mack.Foote

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