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Kimberly Burnett

Milwaukee, WI

I’m a self taught artist, currently living in Milwaukee. I had an unusual and isolated childhood, and turned to art to fill my time. My inspirations included Vermeer, Bouguereau and Velasquez. At 15 I got my first set of oil paints and was hooked.
Since then, I have created many works of art, ranging from illustrations to commissioned portraits to packaging designs. I have two distinct styles, and it’s fun to switch back and forth between the two. The last couple of years have been my first mural experiences and I have loved the making of each one.
My art is really an expression of how I view life- for me, people are colors and swirls and values. It is my honor to paint peoples’ stories for others to enjoy.

The last couple of years have demonstrated to me in both a personal and in a broad way, that humans have extremely resilient spirits.

For me personally, I witnessed my Mom slowly succumb to colon cancer last year. I really couldn’t believe what she was able to endure and survive, a drive that was pushed always by a force of her spirit that didn’t want to leave life yet. Until her last days, she showed strength and gratitude for those that loved her.

And, on a grander scheme, our world has experienced an intense amount of stress the last few years. People are suffering and life changes daily in ways that we couldn’t have foreseen, yet people continue to adapt and to help one another get through the hard parts of life in 2022.



Instagram: @inkki_pinkki

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