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Julia Ben-Asher

Artists Bio:

My favorite place to draw is somewhere along a hike, on a ski or around a campfire. Through doodles and paintings, I aim to preserve memories, convey the feeling of being in awe of nature, and encourage us all to further appreciate and take care of this magical planet we call home. When I’m not doing art outside, I’m teaching art to kids, writing newspaper articles, working as a covid-19 contact tracer or reading in a hammock.

Theme Description:

The idea of my mural theme is something along these lines: that whatever light and love we have, we should appreciate it, be in awe of it, share it with others, and send it back out into the world to grow, even if we can’t see where it might end up. These messages of light and love support both the people who send them and those who find them, and support the idea of connection to the rest of the world.


Instagram: @juliabenasher

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