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Julia Ben-Asher

Steamboat Springs, CO


Julia Ben-Asher is an artist, writer and educator based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she is continually inspired and energized by the natural world. Julia’s art is mainly in pen and ink, and she dabbles in mural painting, watercolor and wood burning. She loves to draw best along a hike, on a ski, around a campfire or in a hammock. Through her art, which features mountain landscapes, wildlife, and adventuring humans, Julia aims to convey the feeling of being in awe of nature, and to encourage us all to further appreciate and care for this magical planet we call home.
When Julia is not making art or on an adventure, she can be found teaching art, writing for local publications, or training to be an elementary school counselor.

This mural idea originated with a gift from a 4-year-old in the pre-K class I taught years ago. Before winter break, my tiny student told me in his tiny chipmunk voice that he’d brought me a gift and from behind his back brought out a chain of sparkling crystals. He proudly showed me how when it hung in a window, the sun would find every angle of every crystal and create a burst of rainbows. He was in complete awe of how this worked and was so excited to share his magical discovery with me.

I’ve kept the gift in my office window ever since. Each time a rainbow appears, I think of this student’s pure, sweet awe of nature, and how we can all tap further into our own awe of nature. I think this can be the first step in encouraging people to take better care of the world. Nature exists as it is, and we can choose to ignore it or to always be searching for what sparks that awe, and further appreciate those elements. In this concept, the rainbows represent awe and appreciation, and the act of sending those out into the world to share.



Instagram: @juliabenasher

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