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Jessica McMillan

Denver, CO

Jessica McMillan was born and raised in Hilton Head, SC. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts at the College of Charleston. She has dabbled in several mediums including but not limited to welding, fine soldering, fabrication, and printmaking; however her true passion is painting. She moved to Denver, CO in 2017 where she continues to pursue acrylic painting, performance murals at festivals and concerts, and also creating large scale murals.Through a combination of bright colors, vivid patterns, texture, and organized abstraction- I capture some of the diverse and beautiful aspects of the world today in my artwork. I portray both the dark and light aspects of life, yin and yang, the forces that keep the world turning. My true purpose is to make the viewer smile – whether it be with thought provoking imagery or something a little more whimsical. I believe in the beauty of true human connection and how anything(like artwork) can brighten your day, hopefully transferring to everyone you may come into contact with.I use loose brushstrokes and sometimes abstracted forms, repeating shapes, lines, and patterns. I believe in change, and I believe in using fluorescent paint to change the way a viewer sees a painting, giving him or her a visually exciting and electric piece of art that can be seen in a different light. My artwork is both a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors and a dynamic interpretation of the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of the world today.

Theme description:These forces perpetuate my movement and connect me to a creative process, my humanity. 

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