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Dominique Montaño


Dominique Montano is a wildlife artist from Fort Collins, Colorado. She focuses on highlighting animals and nature in an attempt to illuminate the dangers threatening the world around us. A master’s graduate at Colorado State University focusing on zoology and comparative physiology, Dominique has always been fascinated with the incredible diversity of animals and how they operate in the world around them. Many of her subjects feature dripping or fading areas, alluding to the pressures of human-wildlife conflict that deteriorate the ability of nature to thrive in their environments, as the subjects mix into the background.

An interest in animals and comic books at a young age led to a convergence in interests. Illustrating the wildlife she is enthralled by is an opportunity to bring a small amount of that same fascination to the viewer. Focusing on animal movement and the duality of nature allows her passions to coalesce, utilizing an academic career in zoology to strengthen her visual prowess in art. With an eye towards conservation of these animals, Dominique focuses on highlighting the plight of her subjects, and subsequently donates portions of proceeds to animal conservation organizations.

Theme Description:

Animals and nature were here long before we arrived and will be here long after! Respecting nature and looking at it with awe and respect is a core theme of my art!.

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