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(ILL.DES) David Fratu

Artist Bio:

ILL.DES is an artist living and working in Denver, CO. He is a member of the Neo Gravity and Apex Collective. His style of painting represents a balance between chaos and order. Using gradients of color and intricate patterns, he creates a sense of depth and movement. Viewers are drawn into his illusive designs filled with vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and organic line work. Together, his unique compositions form a perfect equilibrium of harmony and discord.

Theme description:

This past year has forced us all to slow down and reevaluate our surroundings and routines. Many of us were confronted with the chaos we had long avoided and were forced to find new ways to build our mental safe spaces. In 2020, I realized how taboo mental health had been and how important it had become to create work that breathes joy into public spaces. Finding balance in my own life has brought me the clarity I needed to pursue my dreams and build the universe I want to see. Now, I wish to continue to create balanced moments of peace to spark lucidity for the communities that experience my work. I hope that sharing my work will help others realize that we are all connected, doing our part individually to bring a unified order to the chaos.



Instagram: @illdes

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