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Corinne Anderson

Artist Bio:

Corinne (formerly Cori) Anderson grew up in Winter Park, surrounded by the abundant wilderness of Grand County. No matter where she travels or lives (currently in Denver) she always finds inspiration in the natural world for her creative endeavors. When she’s not painting and exploring, she’s writing about other artists, social justice initiatives, and sustainability as a freelance reporter. This is Corinne’s third time participating in the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival.

Theme Description:

The resilience of the human spirit always reminds me of the woman most responsible for my resiliency — my mom. Throughout my life, she has always made an effort to show me how to acknowledge other people’s successes, make me find my own strengths, and remember that “this too shall pass.” For my mural this year, I’m celebrating all the lessons my mother has taught me about humanity by representing it with a flower wreath. All of the flowers are traditionally symbolic of strength and resilience.

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