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Caroline Kaestner

Winter Park, CO

Artists Bio:

Adopted from Syktyvkar, Russia Caroline uses her Russian name Ksenia as her artist persona. Exploration of the outdoors was a regular activity and allowed Caroline to develop a love for exploring and experiencing nature. Spending many summers and winters traveling to Grand County, Colorado and it quickly became her dream to live in the mountains.

Graduating Cum Laude in 2019 from the University of North Texas, with a Bachelors degree in fine arts and professional photography, Caroline fulfilled that dream and moved to Fraser, Colorado. Inspired by the never ending beauty of the mountains she begin crafting her style in fine art and painting pieces that reflect her emotions and awe with her surroundings.

Exploring the dynamic relationship between Nature and Human interaction Caroline creates landscape pieces that reflect the human experience.

Theme description:

Nature pushes us to face our boundary’s and experience overcoming them through our own resilience. Our personal experience with nature is our own yet it still can connect all of us even with separate experiences.

Webiste: kseniakphtography

Instagram: @Fineart_bykck

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