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Alex Eickhoff

Artists Bio:

AKA eye cough – Alex is from Kansas City, MO. eye cough art is a whimsical celebration of nature. He paints playful portraits of plant and animal hybrids, which challenge perceptions of reality and stimulate curiosity. His charming characters feature realistic lighting, form, and texture mixed with exaggerated personality, ironic compilation and satirical wordplay. Through his surreal art, Alex questions the boundaries of consciousness, while providing opportunity to giggle.

Theme Description:

Suffering is an inevitable part of human existence. But we have a choice to let our past traumas and our fear of the unknown future consume us, or we can use negative experiences to motivate us to learn, grow and become stronger. Art is a powerful tool for inspiring hope. It reminds us of the innate beauty in the world. Combine beauty with humor and you get an uplifted, inspired spirit. For me, art is a process that brings meaning to myself and connects me to my higher self which helps me to overcome my struggles and remain optimistic about my future. This theme resonates with me because my art is all about the human spirit and the resilience that can be found in appreciation for contrast and a lighthearted perspective.


Instagram: @mikeymakes_art

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