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Alex Eickhoff

Kansas City MO

Artists Bio:

Alex Eickhoff – (eye cough) – is a Kansas City based artist who travels to the Columbine state any chance he gets. Textures, colors and form found in nature inspire his work, so he enjoys going on long walks and hikes to soak it all in. The process of creating art helps him to remain centered and gives him purpose in life. As a result, themes of spirituality and symbols of personal growth can be found throughout his work.

Theme Description:

Connecting with nature is necessary for me. I go on daily walk in order to soak up the sun, and breathe in the fresh air. I think most man-made beauty is inspired by nature, including art and especially my paintings. My last name Eickhoff translates from German to “where the oak grows.” I have taken the oak tree as my personal sigil. Trees inspire me to focus on the big picture and serve as a symbol of growth. They also remind me to breathe. I hold reverence for each of the natural elements, because one of my core values is balance, which I strive for in every area of my life. I am excited to create mural for this festival that celebrates the synchronicities of the natural world.


Instagram: @eye_cough

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